Standing Seam Roofing

GB-ZL 400 / 425


  • The lap splicing of the panel is stranded by stranding machine.
  • No perforation on the surface (except the close side).
  • Suitable for arc, 2D, and low slope.
  • Unique lap splicing to prevent leaking.
  • Able to form on-site, the length of the panel can reach 140 meters.


  • Color Al-Zn galvanized steel panel and Al-Zn-Mg galvanized steel panel.
  • Al-Zn/Al-Mg panel series as substrate.
  • Three types of coating systems to choose from, XRM, PVDF, PVF.
  • According to needs, there are Al-Zn steel panels/Zn-Al alloy panels/copper panels/stainless steel plates/Ti-Zn panels to choose from.